Fall Garden Challenge

What is a CHALLENGE? 
Basically, a kick in the pants to get you motivated, moving, mingling…

How do I participate/sign-up?
* Click on  any of the green Fall CHALLENGE!! buttons on this page
* Fill out the Registration form
**  VOILA!! You’re in

What’s inside?
When you accept the CHALLENGE, here is what you get
* A challenge every other day for 3 weeks – by email and inside the Fall CHALLENGE!! member Garden School classroom
* A private FaceBook group
* Forms and charts and check sheets and more to help you
* Instructional videos and tutorials and more
* Accountability
* Camaraderie
* Sharing
* Discounted membership price to the Week-by-Week program for CHALLENGE members only
* Discounted membership price to “Come, Garden With Me”, when it opens, for CHALLENGE members only

What do I do?
* Join the private CFG CHALLENGE FaceBook group
* Introduce yourself, tell us what you want to accomplish during this challenge, tell us about your garden and gardening challenges… would be nice if you included pictures
* Read the day’s challenge (in your email or Garden School website
* Accept the challenge (as is or modified to fit your circumstances)
* Do the day’s challenge task
* Go to the private CFG CHALLENGE FaceBook group page
* Post what you’re doing and include images if you want
* Comment and Like other Challengers’ posts and accomplishments
* Ask questions
* Repeat, Repeat, Repeat…

What if I can’t/don’t complete the CHALLENGE?
The CHALLENGE is for you, to help you with your gardening efforts, to support you, and for you to build relationships with other like-minded gardeners. If you can’t or don’t complete the CHALLENGE, that’s OK

What if parts of the CHALLENGE don’t apply to me or my situation?
You can modify those challenges to fit your situation, or just don’t do them… there are no penalties

Can I share the CHALLENGE?
YES and no.
* Yes, you can share by directing others (the more the better) to this page so that they can sign up and take the CHALLENGE too
* No, you can’t share the information in the CHALLENGE with others… that’s just not right and it cheats the person you’re sharing with out of the full experience and camaraderie
* BUT, if you are gardening the same garden with someone else (like if you’re a couple or friends or family doing the gardening thing together) you can do the CHALLENGE together

What if I want/have to quit?
Then you quit… you can unjoin the FB group, unsubscribe from the emails, and cancel your membership on the website

What if I can’t or don’t want to do some of the challenges?
Then you don’t do them… you’re not obligated

What if I have questions or need help?
* You can ask questions in the FB group – If the question is to a particular person, type their name in your post. Might want to type my name Judy Jackson in your post too so that I’ll be notified and not miss it.
* Or you can directly email me with questions or concerns

Why should I take the CHALLENGE?
Because you need some encouragement, accountability, motivation, ideas, want to learn new things, make friends, have some fun, just because you want to, and to increase your chances of having your best ever successful fall gardening experience… etc., etc., etc.

How do I participate/sign-up?

Click on the green Fall CHALLENGE!! button below